When — 2018

In 2018 we were in Paris when we picked up a book on the street and translated a few lines of a random page. A book literally chosen for its cover, and is now more fitting than ever — "When there wasn't enough room at the table for three."

We picked the book Les Amis De Monsieur Paul by Suzanne Prou for its bright pink and green cover.

The wine we've abbreviated to 'When' has always represented a moment in our personal lives through a single sentence on the label. The RASI has become our visual interpretation of these stories that we paint with the wine itself. But most importantly, what's inside the bottle has its own story.

2018 was a later harvest, with everything ripening 3-4 weeks behind our normal. More hang time in the vineyard though means better flavor development. Our RASI Pinot Noir is our representation of Sta Rita Hills, earthy but bursting with fruit and layered with baking spice from Rancho La Viña. Further north, our When Pinot Noir is grown one-and-a-half miles from the ocean at Spanish Springs Vineyard in San Luis Obispo. Its steep hillsides of uplifted marine seabeds and the cool marine layer that rolls in each morning produce vibrant, energetic wines with lush aroma and salinity.

Together these wines display two versions of the same grape that could be compared and contrasted, but hopefully most of all, enjoyed. While we may not be traveling or picking up foreign objects off the street or sitting intimately around a table at a restaurant, we can drink this wine and look back at moments like these and look forward to similar ones again soon.