Hazy Wine x Clarity Coffee

Hazy Wine x Clarity Coffee


Made in partnership with The Reverse Orangutan Coffee Roasters, we are co-releasing an extremely limited batch of a 2020 Nouveau Carbonic Grenache Blanc in unison with their own roast of Carbonic Maceration Coffee from Peru. Together they serve as the perfect bookmarks to start and end your day with.


In working with Reverse Orangutan on this project, we discovered even more parallels between small batch coffee and winemaking than we realized. Both begin as agricultural products. Both are sourced from small family farms that convey a sense of place. Both undergo fermentation as part of their process, in this case in an anaerobic (without oxygen) environment. This yields fresh, fruity and tropical notes in both the coffee and the wine. 


Clarity Coffee Notes —  juicy mango & nectarine

Hazy Wine Notes — apricot & guava necco wafer with a slight spritz


Bundle includes (1) bottle of Say When 2020 Carbonic Grenache Blanc Nouveau from Sarloos & Son's El Camino Real Vineyard and (1) 12 oz bag of of carbonic coffee beans from Cajamarca, Peru

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