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Tempranillo, Ibarra-Young Vineyard, 2021

Tempranillo, Ibarra-Young Vineyard, 2021


Ibarra-Young Vineyard

Los Olivos District AVA

Regernative Organic+


Tasting Notes — Ripe plum, currant, and mid-summer bramble is entwined with crisp citrus oil and savory pink peppercorn tree. Notes of dried bay leaf, oregano, tomato water, and kalamata olive notes are why I've endearingly nicknamed this my pizza wine. The texture is succulent but crisp. 


Vinification — Harvested on September 25, 2021 at 20.5 Brix. Crushed and destemmed into a 3/4 ton macrobin, punched down daily by hand during native fermentation. Pressed into one nuetral French Oak barrel, racked off the lees once in the Spring, and bottled unfined and unfiltered in July 2022.


Label artwork — Photo by Rachel Silkowski in Florence, Italy on a Leica Q



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